23 October 2018

Netto Arena

is a multifunctional facility which, together with its extensive outside recreational zone, makes up a modern show and sports complex. The complex was commissioned on 1 August 2014.


The facility is primarily intended for organisation of local, domestic and international sports competitions. It is also a excellent venue for events such as concerts and galas. The facility hosts some the most important international sports events, such as the European Men’s Volleyball Championship 2017, Women’s Volleyball Final Four or international futsal matches.


The show and sports hall is composed of three buildings, each characterised by a different exterior and construction dependent on the inside functionality:


Building ‘A’ – The main building is comprised of a towering show and sports hall, which contains stands for spectators, a central, multifunctional court, communication halls on three tiers and the cloakroom and storage facilities for sportspeople and performers. It is the main venue for competitions and the location of functional rooms for athletes and teams.
Building ‘B’ – a 3-storey building in the form of a large entrance gate. It houses ticket offices as well as office and administration rooms.
Building ‘C’ – Located on the western side. It houses conference halls, as well as the sports and recreational facility which includes cafes, a training room, fitness, a beauty salon, and physiotherapy offices. It will also house a warm-up gym for athletes.


External infrastructure – On the western side of the buildings, there is recreational zone which includes: sports courts (basketball, football, handball and badminton), table tennis, field chess, a skating and skateboarding track, as well as a square with a small amphitheatre and a fountain.




  • AUDITORIUM: 5,055 seats
  • CAR PARK – 598 places
  • CONFERENCE ROOMS – 450 people
  • VIP LOUNGES – 14 lounges
  • RESTAURANT – for 130 people

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