This is what the medals will look like

27 March 2019

On 25 March, a conference was held during which the medals and the mascot for the championships were officially presented, as well as the events in which competitors from 38 countries will participate during the event. They were introduced by young players from MKS Kusy Szczecin.

Only 15 days left until the championships begin!

The numbers don’t lie. Szczecin has never hosted such an event before.

– 275 sportspeople

– 10 trucks with gymnastic equipment

– 20,000 water bottles for competitors

– 600 hotel rooms

– transport provided for over 1,000 people

– the complete rearrangement and readjustment of Netto Arena

– dismantling of over 1,000 seats and the construction of a new stand according to UEG standards

Krzysztof Soska, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin

We are extremely proud of the fact that Szczecin is going to host such a great and prestigious event. It is a big challenge for us, because this will be the greatest sports event in the history of our city. I hope that the thousands of visitors, sportspeople, coaches and the media will see Szczecin as an attractive city to visit and, most importantly, as a city in which sport is important. This concerns gymnastics in particular, as a discipline forming the basis for all other sports. The location where we are today (the hall of Sports Schools Complex) proves our consistency when it comes to investing in gymnastics. Our being hosts of the European Championships confirms that further.”

Barbara Stanisławiszyn, Chairwoman of the Polish Gymnastics Federation

“This is an important event for everyone involved in gymnastics here in Poland. Previously we had to attend European Championships in other countries, and be impressed by those events. This time we can be proud that it is us who will be hosting the best sportspeople, not only in Europe but in all the world as well. Obviously, it is a great challenge in terms of organisation, but it is worth the effort. In Szczecin we want to show everyone how beautiful the discipline is. I am pleased that young sportspeople from all over the country will have the opportunity to watch great champions live, and there will be over 1 000 of them to see. I take pride in the fact that, together with the City of Szczecin, we have lasted this long in our efforts. We are approaching the great finale. I believe everything is going to be all right.”