11 January 2019

The deadline for receiving accreditation applications expired on 20 March.

Each request for accreditation must be registered via the link

Before register, please read and agree with the MEDIA or BROADCASTING declarations.

By the deadline indicated, you will receive an approval / rejection notice.

  • Requests from journalists / professional photographers, holding a valid press card (national or international) or presenting a formal request from the media they represent (editor’s letter) will be accepted.
  • The correspondents of the National Federations will also have to address to the UEG an official request (by e-mail) of the federation which they represent.
  • Bloggers and websites need to fill in an additional questionnaire (download Online Media Profie) and send to the UEG Head of Media Tina Gerets on


  • Each applicant creates his / her proper account (login), fills in the form and selects one or more competitions of the proposed UEG calendar.  Prior to selecting the event the applicant wants to register for, he/she must upload his/her photo and press card.
  • The applicant can at any time access his/her account to update his/her profile.

Who can request for media accreditation


Professional journalists, editors and photographers holding an official and valid press card issued by recognised international press agencies, and official national or international Sports Journalists Associations will be accredited.


  • A Freelance Editor or Photographer refers to a full-time professional Editor or Photographer, who is not employed by an agency or newspaper – a self-employed professional.
  • A Freelance Editor or Photographer must provide written evidence that it operates on behalf of a media clearly identified.
  • A Freelance Editor or Photographer operating on his/her own account will not be accepted.


A website can apply for recognition and acceptance by UEG with the identity and statute of an independent website, “stand alone” or multisport.

Blogs are accepted as public journalism when they function integrated within a recognised journalistic media.

  •  A multisport (several or all sports) website should be recognised and registered as a real and full journalistic medium by its official national general journalist’s organisation and/or their legal authorities ruling media affairs.
  • Website specialised in gymnastics must be recognised by its national federation.
  • Sites which function mainly as a pass-through-site for edited copy/paste-content cannot be recognised as a press medium.
  • Fan-sites, sponsor-sites, promotional sites and event-linked sites cannot be recognised as a press medium.

Representatives of the National Gymnastics Federations

For representatives of the UEG affiliated National Federations, acting as media for their Press & Communication activities, the UEG will deliver max. 2 EF (Editors of National Federations) and 1 EFP (Photographers of National Federations) accreditations per Federation.

When requesting accreditation, the Federation must submit by mail an official document duly signed by its President, attesting in good faith the position of the Media delegate(s).

A double accreditation (press and delegation member) is not accepted.

Editorial Content

Only professional journalists, editors and photographers operating for an editorial use exclusively will be accepted.

An editorial use implies use by a media: agencies, newspaper, magazines, TV, Internet.


For any request of information, please contact the UEG Head of Media Tina Gerets on

Other media related issues or questions please contact


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